From road repair to park construction, Mulberry’s citizens benefit from the many services provided by our dedicated employees who are committed to maintaining professional and high quality standards.

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s streets. We maintain our community’s most relied upon asset. The safety of residents is the priority in this division. The services this division provides are as follows:

  • Pothole repairs
  • Street marking, including school crossings and parking spaces
  • Signage (street names and regulatory signs)
  • Street sweeping
  • Right-of-way mowing
  • Street paving
  • Tree trimming in rights-of-way
  • Sidewalk installations and repairs
  • Ditch and retention pond cleaning and inspecting
  • City-Owned buildings

Please observe City of Mulberry Workers, Construction Signs
and Posted Speed Limits.

Stormwater Runoff

What is stormwater runoff?

Impervious surfaces, or areas covered by asphalt or concrete, prevent water from seeping into the ground. When it rains, untreated stormwater runoff flows into streams or lakes. As new developments and shopping centers are constructed, more stormwater runoff is generated because the water cannot seep into the ground. As it rains, water picks up pollutants such as oil, trash, lawn debris, fertilizers and pesticides, These pollutants make their way to our lakes through the storm drains.

Should we really be concerned about stormwater runoff? How bad can it be?

Stormwater runoff is the number one source of pollution in our lakes. It’s like dumping pollution directly into our lakes! This runoff can harm aquatic life and possibly contaminate groundwater drinking sources.

How can stormwater pollution be prevented?

Use common sense! Native and other Florida-friendly plants, require less fertilizer and water, therefore reducing the amount of pollutants in your stormwater runoff. Dispose of your yard waste properly by bagging or mulching instead of blowing it into the streets. Wash your car on your lawn. This allows the runoff to filter into the ground, not run into the street. Dispose of hazardous liquids properly. Don’t be lazy and throw that battery down the storm drain. Don’t dump or wash your paint cans in the storm drain. Educate your family and neighbors! Put litter in appropriate places.

For more information about stormwater click on a link below:


Contact Information

John Wright, Utilities & Public Works Director
P.O. Box 707, Mulberry, FL 33860
office: 863-425-1125
fax: 863-425-0188