Human Resources is a strategic partner with City Departments ensuring customer satisfaction by providing high quality customer services through value added and innovative initiatives, to a diverse workforce and applicant pool, in all aspects of Human Resources in compliance with all Federal and State labor laws.

Service Statement

  • Treat all customers with the highest level of respect and provide excellent real time service.
  • Maximize our human capital by hiring the most qualified candidates while retaining our valued employees.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to obtain high level, quality benefits, while controlling cost and improving employee health.

Goals & Objectives

Strategic Business Focus

Goal No. 1: Provide the highest quality customer service in pursuit of excellence


  • Establish, administer and effectively communicate sound policies, rules and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining City compliance with employment and labor laws, City policies, and labor agreements.
  • Develop and maintain Human Resources job function procedures
  • Ensure that the employees in the Human Resources Department are given the tools, training and motivation to operate in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Maintain a Human Resources annual calendar of major activities

Measurement of Achievement

  • Complete Standard Operating Procedures, developing one policy per month and post on Shared drive within one (1) week of finalization.
  • Meet with Department Heads as necessary to obtain feedback regarding Human Resources services annually.
  • Update documented guidelines for Human Resources job responsibilities within one (1) month of a major change.
  • Ensure that all employees attend at least one (1) training class regarding Human Resources issues.
  • Maintain the annual calendar on the shared drive and update it.
Goal No. 2: Employ technology and methods, which enhance service, communications and productivity in a cost effective manner.


  • Automate the invoice processing for Life and Long Term Disability Insurance by utilizing the Benefits module in HTE Payroll system.
  • Work with ITS to develop a Human Resources information source on the City intranet.
  • Support Sustainability Initiatives by pursuing uses for green technology within the H.R. department.

Measurement of Achievement

  • Enter the data for Life and Long Term Disability Insurance into HTE by September 2010 to enable H.R. to self-bill.
  • Provide ITS with H.R. data monthly prior to Intranet go live in December 2009 and maintain the H.R. data weekly after go live through September 2010.
  • During H.R. Staff meetings discuss ideas for practical green technology applications in the H.R. office and track annual savings after implementation of each application by September 2010.
Goal No. 3: Efficiently recruit and retain the best-qualified people while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the City.


  • Utilize statistical reports and other sources to measure Human Resources recruiting metrics.
  • Implement creative methods to fill the human capital needs of the City in a manner that accommodates employees’ work/life balance.
  • Reduce voluntary turnover rates by improving the advertising/selection process and managing the current workforce resource.
Goal No. 4: Maintain the City’s compensation program


  • Maintain a competitive Class and Compensation program
  • Maintain/revise Job Descriptions and create new ones as required
  • Maintain and revise the Personnel Policy Manual
  • Successfully negotiate the successor SEIU Blue Collar and White Collar Collective Bargaining Agreement and any collective bargaining agreements that may reopen during this fiscal year.
  • Train supervisors and management on the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Maintain Labor Management Committees
Goal No. 5: Provide cost effective, value added benefit programs that enable the City to attract and retain employees.


  • Obtain/maintain and administer high quality benefit programs for employees and provide excellent customer service.
  • Review options for cost containment in the Employee Health Plans, such as partial self-funding and disease management.
  • Enhance employees’ comprehension of benefits via educational programs
  • Expand the focus on employee health/wellness throughout the year.

Contact Information

Sharon Lauther
Human Resources & Program Manager
office: 863-425-1125 ext 223